Diabetes is one of the most common pre-existing conditions

pre existing conditions

About 50% of Americans assumed have pre-existing conditions, and for older people (age 55 to 64) about 86% have pre-existing conditions. In the middle of repealing Obamacare still on going, the latest Graham-Cassidy Bill would exclude state funding for the Medicaid.

States would get a lump sum annually through 2026 and decide what to do with those money. Insurance companies still have to cover regardless of the pre-existing conditions but could charge more money based on medical history.
The last draft to proposed through the House would cause 23 Mio people uninsured by 2026. This bill worries many people, particularly that 50% who have had pre-existing condition. Of that 50%, about 12,7% is diabetes.

What potential risk may occur to your body when diabetes takes effect?

1. Heart disease. High blood pressure and damaged blood vessels put added strain on the heart, increasing the risk of heart disease.
2. Stroke. Risk of stroke for someone with diabetes is four times higher than someone with no diabetes.
3. Visual disturbance. Damaged blood vessels in the eyes can cause visual obstructions like floaters, if left untreated, this can lead to blindness.
4. Cataract and glaucoma. If someone has diabetes can increase risk of cataract and glaucoma compared with people who don’t have diabetes.
5. Risk of infections. Diabetes can also raise risk of bacterial, fungal, and yeast infection.
6. High blood pressure. Diabetes can increase risk of developing high blood pressure.
7. Damaged blood vessel. Too much glucose in body system can cause restricted blood flow, leading to a variety of symptoms and damage to the blood vessels.
8. Ketoacidosis. To make up for the lack of insulin, body uses other hormones to turn fat into energy. This produces high levels of toxic acids called ketones which can be life threatening.

Many people think that wouldn’t happen to them, until they have complication example with high LDL cholesterol, heart attack, kidney failure, glaucoma, and others. Keep in your mind ! If you not control your blood sugar level, a serious foot infection can mean loss of a toe or even your leg in order to save your life.

The damage is so slow and take place over a period of years, but probably begins when blood sugar is at moderately exalted level. When someone not diagnosed with diabetes, the danger has already begun (at pre-diabetes stage). Most have diabetes an average of five to seven years before they’re diagnosed.


Preventing Diabetes Complications

Obtaining blood sugar under control actually is not always difficult. Occasionally all you need are lifestyle changes — eating right, getting regular exercise, reducing your weight to get it into a secure range. If you’re a smoker, there’s no question, you have to quit as soon as possible.

As well, finding ways to relieve the stress in your life helps control blood sugar level, as does treatment for depression. Both stress and depression raise the level of cortisol, a body hormone that influences blood sugar level. Cortisol makes the diabetes worse, there is facts that treating depression could help blood sugar control.

Intended for a few people, taking just one diabetes medication helps tremendously. Complex new drugs work from different angles to lowering high blood sugar level. All the new drugs carry a lot of guarantee.

In order to take insulin, you’ll find the shots aren’t that bad. “The new versions of insulin are far less troublesome. You don’t have to lay out many needles and vials available. The insulin can be discreetly injected via a little pen, such as a cartridge writing pen. Insulin mouth sprays and insulin patches are being developed.

Fewer Diabetes Complications = Less Soreness

By holding in blood sugar level, you slow up the damage to the body’s nerves and bloodstream. You can even halt damage altogether. The benefits show up in lots of ways.

You can ease the pain or numbness you feel in hands, arms, feet, and legs. When you prevent more harm to nerves, you preserve pain from getting more serious, there is no medications to repair nerve harm. Mostly, what to do is protecting exactly what is left.

Gingivitis and tooth loss can be halted when blood sugar level is controlled. In fact, when you get gum infection manageable, you help keep blood sugar level manageable. Infection in the gums increases infection in the body, that makes controlling diabetes harder.

Blood glucose isn’t the only issue, diabetes experts consent. If there are hyper cholesterol and stress problems, as there typically are, they require aggressive treatment with medication. Both these conditions affect the health of large and small bloodstream, and greatly worsen destruction done by diabetes.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins are a mainstay in diabetes treatment. Blood pressure drugs like ACE blockers can also improve bloodstream flow throughout the body, including legs and kidneys. These drugs protect kidneys from damage and they protect the heart muscle, which avoids heart failing.

With these diabetes issues, there’s a lot at stake. Can you really prevent the worst-case situation? Absolutely ! If you are doing all these things, you can substantially reduce risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, and the blood vessel harm that causes blindness, degradation, and kidney damage. Yet you must start doing them as early as possible. And you have to keep things under control ……. strict control !

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